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Digital Access Has Been Locked In The Vault

Event was in Polk City, Florida

on Saturday, September 17, 2022


It All Starts With YOU - This Was What The Event Was About

Are you feeling lost, discouraged, confused and afraid about your future?

Maybe you feel like you are living the same year over and over again?

Perhaps you want more from life?

Do you battle the questions of how can life be better, what needs to change, is it worth it, and can I do it?

It’s ok, we have been there, and we have the answers to those questions, and more.

These videos will shift your mindset and give you the tools and trainings to change your life.

Maybe you’ve been unhappy, feeling off, unsettled and uneasy - we know those feelings.

The power to change that is just under the surface, maybe you know it, but you haven’t given yourself permission to harness it… or maybe you just don’t know how… we will help you. We want to share the secret with you.

Strategize Your Victories is the start of unleashing the warrior within to prepare you for your legacy, for your purpose, for the ripples you will create in this world.

It is time, and it isn’t a coincidence that you are here.

You are not marching into this battle alone - together we can and will change this world.

Maybe this was the year you were supposed to be promoted, to move, to travel more; maybe this was the year you thought would be different; maybe you are tired of being tired.

Whatever you have been facing, after watching this video replay– you will have the tools and resources to bring about the change you have been dreaming of.

Step up and be counted, rise and fight, claim your victories and march into 2023 feeling more empowered, respected, and supported.

This is warrior training ground, come learn the time-tested battle moves of proper self-talk, goals, immersion, pattern interruption and other secrets to help you strengthen and grow.

Come. Begin your training. Prepare for battle.

Helping you to unleash the warrior within you is our calling. We know that this world needs more leaders, more champions, more people chasing their goals and dreams. You matter, we care. It is our mission to help you step into whatever it is that you are searching for.

Our Inspirational Speakers have been hard at work putting together the tools, resources and equipment to prepare you for battle. Your Speakers are:

  • Amy May
  • Jorjia May
  • Hilary Russell
  • John & Heather Richardson

Some of the battles we will give you the resources and equipment to take on are:

  • Battle of the Mind (self-talk, language, mindset, and pattern interruption}
  • Battle of Relationships {association, fellowship, culture and accountability}
  • Battle of Intent {laws, patterns, habits, and structure}
  • Battle of Challenges {goals, rewards, recognition, and visualization}
  • Tools, Equipment, and Resources for achieving the victories

And so much more.

What if you let go and unleashed the warrior? What if you bought your ticket, attended, and everything changed for you? What if you harnessed the power to win the battle that you face?

Here is to each of you harnessing the power within and conquering with hope…

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Post Office Box 1224

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