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Amy May

Author | Content Creator | Speaker |Affiliate

Amy May is a dynamic mother of two with a background in leadership development, home education and mindset coaching. She is a successful business owner with interest in multiple enterprises. Amy is passionate about helping others and leaving her mark on the world. She is well known for her spirit of support and encouragement. Always the optimist, she believes that one day science will prevail and her prior experience - trying to be two places at once will be feasible. In the meantime, she has learned to leverage the internet to be able to reach and encourage a much broader audience.

Amy knows that education continues for a lifetime, and she leads by example. In fact, her marriage of over 30 years is still going strong, which she attributes much to their mutual love of personal development. As a voracious reader she has devoured an average of a book a month for the past 10 years. Amy knows the power of mentorship, utilizes it herself and promotes it to others. That belief has led her to aligning and now promoting Entre Institute School for Entrepreneurs. Her decision to continue her virtual education quickly morphed into a relationship with a community of like-minded high achievers. Amy is a Certified Life Coach and is on target to become Self-Published Author by Fall of 2022.

Her God-given purpose is to encourage humanity, show others they were meant for so much more, and to help people focus in on discovering their own unique purpose. Amy chooses to live life out loud; realizes laughter is the best medicine and therefore has prescribed herself laughter therapy for longevity, especially since she is a bit short on stature. (Amy towers in at 4’8”)

Amy wears many hats as an entrepreneur, content creator and speaker – but at her core she is an Encourager who has taken her platform to the internet to be able to impact the world in the most positive way. She helps others see life is worth living and learn to live a legendary life.

Connect with Amy on Social Media:

Facebook: amy.may.79230

IG: momentswithmsamy

YouTube: momentswithmsamymay

John & Heather Richardson

Truth Tellers | Adventurers | Game Changers

John and Heather Richardson came from humble beginnings to becoming successful business owners and well-compensated solution providers. It wasn't always rosy, and it didn’t happen overnight! There was a lot to learn and there were struggles.

John is a true dreamer at heart with a make-it-happen attitude. An entrepreneur from an early age, he began selling greeting cards in elementary school and continued to have a side hustle for additional income. He drove truck for 17 years to support the family until getting different information and taking charge of his path to success.

Heather earned a bachelor's degree in business and computer science. After a 20-year career in IT, she felt trapped by the golden handcuffs of corporate America. She left it behind to focus on their family and future without constraints.

Together, they work to solve challenges and help others. They have been powerfully influential speakers, trainers, and mentors for over a decade. Known as the Pirate and the Princess on stages across the US, they share their tales of dream, struggle, and victory to teach and inspire thousands to pursue their dreams. Their most significant source of pride is their family of 5 grown children, one granddaughter, and a grand baby on the way. They cherish each other, their family, and the freedom to enjoy life and adventure.


  • These were the phenomenal speakers for our very first live event on Sept. 17, 2022.

Jorjia May

Digital Agency Owner | Content Creator | Speaker Blogger

Jorjia was not born in Georgia, has never lived in Georgia and yes, she has heard the song ‘Georgia on My Mind” …. many times. No, it was not written about her.

Now, that that is out of the way – Jorjia likes to think she is as unique as the spelling of her name, she is an entrepreneur at heart with a dedication for serving others which gives her a unique perspective on daily living. Jorjia is an innovative content creator and proud new owner of Joyful Digital Marketing Agency. As a speaker, she has had numerous occasions where she was told that the way she explained things spoke directly to someone. A determined and driven full-time student of life, Jorjia believes that if we are not moving towards what we want, then we are moving away from it.

Jorjia has devoted herself to learning in the areas of finance, leadership, and personal development for a large portion of her life, continually striving to be her best self. She has made some questionable decisions which she has learned from and has chosen to let her past refine her instead of defining her. She openly shares about her journey with transparency, humor, and humility.

Jorjia has always been told she has an old soul; she believes this is due to her ability and desire to listen to others intently. Her magnetic personality draws people to her, and her gift is the ability to help them break down walls and overcome obstacles, creating victories in their lives that they hadn’t thought possible.

Her goal in life is to help others to grow, overcome their hang-ups, conquer their fears, and become the people they were created to be. Jorjia aspires to bring hope and light to a people who are hurting and looking to get more out of their life. This is her desire because she has been there, and she understands. The end goal is to have left a legacy of loving others and spreading hope and defying the odds.

Connect with Jorjia on Social Media:

Facebook: Jorjia.may

IG: jorjialynne

TikTok: jorjialynne

Hilary Russell

Optimist | Entrepreneur | Coach

Hilary is the CEO of TRC Agency, a 7-figure digital marketing firm based in Salt Lake City, UT. She is a certified NLP Practitioner and Program Owner at Entre Institute, where she fulfills her passion for helping entrepreneurial individuals progress through their journeys. Hilary also hosts the Marketing Mastermind Podcast, a weekly podcast designed to help business owners reach new levels within their mindsets and businesses.

Throughout her career, Hilary has helped many of her clients scale multi-million-dollar businesses and has consulted with public corporations to increase their production rates by up to 70%. Through her expertise in sales and marketing strategy, combined with her work as a mindset coach and teacher, Hilary has impacted the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs all across the globe to reach their unique visions of personal and business success.

Connect with Hilary on Social Media:

Instagram: hilaryrussell_

Facebook: Hilary Russell

LinkedIn: /hilaryrussell-trc