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Strategize Your Victories Premier Event

Event was recorded on

September 17, 2022 And Locked in Vault on December 1, 2022

The premier event, Strategize Your Victories, was held in Polk City, Florida on Saturday September 17, 2022. Polk City is located in between Orlando and Tampa, just off of Interstate 4. The event was at the Donald Bronson Community Center, 124 Bronson Trail in Polk City, Florida.

We will be announcing our 2nd Live Event shortly, be sure to keep an eye on our social media for the announcements. Seats will be limited. It will be held in the spring in Polk City, Florida - but that is the most information we are sharing at this point.

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Conquer With Hope

The Venue:

Donald Bronson Community Center ( MOST LIKELY WILL BE.... But Not Confirmed Yet)

124 Bronson Trail

Polk City, Florida 33868

This is just off of Rt 33 near the intersection at Rt 559, right in the center of little Polk City Florida.

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