What to expect?

This is going to be a life changing day. This one day event, in beautiful Central Florida, is meant to start you on your journey of achieving the victories that you deserve, the victories that you have wanted - but have been held back because of forces beyond your control, all of that changes now.

The speakers have been preparing for this day for longer than you can imagine. Helping you to rise up from everything trying to hold you back is our calling. We know that this world needs more leaders, more champions, more people chasing their goals and dreams.

It is our mission to help you step into whatever it is you are searching for.

Rise Up

We are going to give you permission to rise up and unlock your full potential. Some of the topics we will be covering are:

  • Battle of the Mind (self-talk, language, mindset, and pattern interruption}
  • Battle of Relationships {association, fellowship, culture and accountability}
  • Battle of Intent {laws, patterns, habits, and structure}
  • Battle of Challenges {goals, rewards, recognition, and visualization}
  • Tools, Equipment, and Resources for achieving the victories

Bonus Value for all Ticket Holders

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Special Value for Ticket Holders

  • Door Prize Ticket

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Shout out in Facebook Group

  • Pre-Event Virtual Party

  • Post Event Virtual Party

  • Exclusive mini-interviews in Facebook Group with Speakers

  • Sneak peek behind the scenes event prep

  • Free Gift (physical - given at event)

  • Free Memorabilia

  • Fun Activities in private Facebook Group

  • Plus.... Even more surprises at the event!!

Individual Ticket Price $111.11

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Don't miss out on all of this value.

Plus, once the tickets are gone, they are gone.

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Reasons People Are Attending This Event....

  • I want a change in my life.

  • I know that this will help me improve my relationships.

  • My self-talk is holding me back, I believe I will learn how to change that here.

  • I asked the Universe to help me, that I was sick of living like I am, and this event popped up - so I figured why not?

  • My friends are going to go.

  • I like the content the speaker puts out, so I thought it would be fun to seem them in person.

  • I like personal development stuff.

So... What's Your Reason?

Purchasing 2 Tickets - Special Value

Group Pricing Information

When purchasing 2 tickets at the same time, the price listed is for 25% off the second ticket! What a great deal!! So, bring a friend or bring your significant other - take advantage of this great deal! Both tickets receive the same value and gifts as if purchased separately. (email office.conquerwithhope@gmail.com for additional Facebook access, as well as email for digital gifts, and to add name for the door prize drawings and event access.)

You want to bring a group of 3 or more? Please email office.conquerwithhope@gmail.com for arrangements and special pricing. We would love to work with you to help you have more of your group members attend.

What if you really want to attend - but just can't make it to Florida?

We have created an option for you!

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